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Company profile

Feol Indrustrial Automation Kft. is a company with full Hungarian ownership. It consists of well-trained programmers, electrotechnical and control professionals providing a high level of knowledge and experience in industrial automation. The company was founded in 2011 in order to provide an efficient service to meet the demands of industrial automation companies in Győr and its surrounding area. One of our great achievements is that our company has gained an official supplier number both at Volkswagen Group (including AUDI Hungaria Zrt.) and at NEMAK Kft. In recognition of our professional work these companies increasingly entrust us with wide ranging tasks year after year.

Feol Indrustrial Automation Kft. has a broad range of profiles in industrial automation. Our company deals with the following activities:

  • transforming and producing industrial washing machines according to specific needs,
  • solving automation problems of custom built and special machines,
  • programming custom built and special machines,
  • rebuilding custom built and special machines mechanically,
  • modernizing custom built and special machines electronically,
  • enlarging custom built and special machines,
  • designing and producing conveyor belts,
  • as well as maintaining and repairing these machines.

Furthermore, the company undertakes other tasks such as

  • the complete development and automation (e.g. locksmith, mechanical, electrical, programming and robotics activities) of other various service units of the factories,
  • the transformation and repair of special carriages,
  • general maintenance such as painting and cleaning.

We are constantly expanding our profile, working day by day to successfully cover even more areas of the industry. Our newest field of expertise is laser welding. In the near future we will be able to repair body parts, engine blocks, press tools and other special equipment with this new, precision technology.

Our website aims to provide an overview, for more detailed information please contact us at our contact details.